Call Center Quality Assurance; The Quality Revolution

Quality is by far the single most under-leveraged resource in contact centers today. In fact, not only should quality be a direct predictor and contributor to performance improvement, it should be a strategic lever to drive performance improvement. Unfortunately, more often than not, this is not the case with most sales and service calls centers.

As a matter of fact- to let you in on a dirty little secret-most quality programs don’t work. If anything, the misadventure of Capital One, a financial service company that discovered an organized ring of 60 call center agents who had been scamming U.S clients, just goes to show the extent to which your quality program could be doing more harm than good.

It is in the light of such facts that we offer to provide your organization with call center evaluation services in an impartial and objective manner ensuring you get the most accurate look at the quality of your call center’s interaction with customers. At, we understand that there is a direct correlation between outstanding customer service and increase in customer retention, reason why we want to help you exceed your customers’ expectations and here’s how we plan to do it.

You have:

A call center and the need to improve or change it. has:

The knowledge to train, coach and empower your call agents and representatives to make every customer interaction a success. Owing to our hard-earned experience over the years, we have learnt that true front line changes only happen when you have the right behavior, an effective coaching model to support the behavioral change and a metric system that shows a clear correlation to impact. We have mastered the science behind all these three and can help you.

– Our services include;

– Call center compliance

– Call center quality control

– Business process verification

– Call center affiliate /partner analysis

– Performance analysis

– TCPA verification

When your call agents get lost in the complexity of the contact center, the customer’s experience suffers and so does your business. Here’s the good news,we know how to get your agents to deliver in the moment of truth; we focus on your agents, showing them not just what to do, but how to do it. Call us today and let us increase your customer satisfaction, customer retention rates and over sales efforts. Call 801.256.6688.

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