3 Must-Reads for Better Customer Experience

I read as much as I can, and I think that if you want to be better at anything, finding the best book on your topic of interest is the most appropriate way to start. It is in this with mind that the following read provides a compilation of 3 of the latest customer service books that will bring you up to speed on what you should know in the customer service industry right now.

  1. ‘The Hidden Power of Your Customers’

Author: Becky Carrol

When you think about your business’ assets, your mind immediately drifts to the tangible items such as real estate or the company cars. What author Becky Carrol teaches you however, is that your current customer base is one of your most valuable assets. An easy to read guide, ‘The Hidden Power of Your Customers’ exposes you to practical tools on how strengthen your business using ‘The Four Keys’. This book features customer service stories and real-life examples that make it easier for you to implement the concepts learnt in to your customer strategy. If you’ve ever wanted to focus less on sales, get more customers and make even more money in the process, then this book is the road map that you need to make it all happen.

2.’ Customer Loyalty:How To Earn It, How To Keep It’

Author: Jill Griffin

According to studies, customer satisfaction does not equate with continued sales, ultimately it is the loyal customer who resists the tempting offers of the competitors. Do you want to learn the finer points of cultivating and keeping loyal customers? This pragmatic guide clearly outlines a 7-step process for turning prospects in to customers and customers in to loyal advocates. Deftly examining value, pricing, customer’s purchasing cycles, positioning and targeting to create repeat purchases, Ms. Jill provides you with an arsenal of tools guaranteed to enhance your customer service experience.

  1. ‘Who’s Your Gladys? How To Turn Even The Most Difficult Customer In To Your Biggest Fan’

Author: Marilyn Suttle & Lori Jo Vest

This book’s title has the potential to pull most people in to an interesting subject, and it does, only not the way you expect. ‘Who’s Your Gladys’ is a page-turner that is about motivating your employees to give good service and build a lasting internal company culture of excellence. Featuring a very practical structure, ‘Who’s Your Gladys’ consists of 10 chapters (each of the 10 chapters is a case study of 10 different industries). And if you are wondering who the Gladys of this book is, then try picturing your most cantankerous customer and you have your own Gladys. This book provides remarkable examples of how successful companies turn challenging customers in to loyal customers; if you want to set you customer service apart from the rest, this is the read for you.

These are 3 of the most talked about books within the customer service sphere. Read them for invaluable insight and entertainment, they’re bound to inspire you to infuse some of the best practices in your business.

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