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We use real people (not robots) because we care about our people and yours!
So why use Call Criteria’s call center quality assurance services to evaluate your customer to agent interactions? If you’ve ever counted on Siri to look up the nearest Thai restaurant or identify the fastest route to the supermarket, you already know that voice recognition software is years away from being as accurate as we would like it to be. Although this provides cheap entertainment for menial tasks, your business’s reputation is no laughing matter.

At Call Criteria, we avoid this technology gap by using our prove call center QA process which uses real people to listen and evaluate your calls, while combining transcription and keyword flagging to bring you the best of both worlds using a cost effective and detail oriented QA call center monitoring approach. With highly dynamic algorithms and state of the art technologies, we are dedicated to providing your call centers with actionable data from the get-go. After all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and at Call Criteria, we’re listening.

Call Center QA Services
Call Center Quality Control Boost your revenue and improve customer experience by identifying key behaviors and procedures that drive sales. Our industry-leading call center QA professionals will monitor and score every customer interaction to provide immediate and actionable feedback.
Performance Analysis Are your agents interacting with your clients in a way that is reflective of your brand identity? Effective agent performance monitoring is paramount not only to the growth of your business but also in providing an excellent customer experience. We provide performance metrics that capture the basic mechanics of agent behavior and customer interaction.
Business Process Verification Because higher quality touch points lead to loyal customers, and loyal customers result in repeat purchases and increased orders, we at Call Criteria are committed to ensuring that all your agents adhere to the business processes as intended.
Call Center Compliance At Call Criteria, we make compliance easy. To alleviate the risk of non-compliance in customer - agent interactions, we evaluate every call in its entirety to pinpoint relative risk levels associated with all aspects of compliance.
Call Center Affiliate/Partner Analysis Did you know that selecting the right partner is one of the most crucial foundational elements for creating a successful alliance? Call Criteria helps you to analyze and identify the right partner for a partnership and make sure their standards are in line with your own organizational expectations and principles.
TCPA Verification While the legal landscape around the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the associated penalties continue to affect how businesses contact and converse with customers, Call Criteria provides critical insight into how well your agents are fulfilling the latest requirements to help you mitigate risk as well as increase right party contacts with an unparalleled level of confidence.
System Details

Client Calibration This process utilizes minimal client involvement to ensure internal reviewers are calibrated against the "gold" standard within the client's organization.

Internal Calibration Calibrating members of the Call Criteria review team, this process monitors QA accuracy and identifies opportunities for internal coaching.

Internal Recalibration Acts as an additional layer of calibration by evaluating the performance and accuracy of Call Criteria's internal calibrators.

Notification Process
notification process

This key process is used to identify and manage agents who fall below the fail threshold or as otherwise indicated by the client. Quickly get access to the calls that need your attention rather than hunting through the good ones!

Campaign Performance Graph

Progress is the name of the game! Has agent performance improved or declined? Compare results over a selected date range to ensure your agent’s are progressing and meeting your indicated performance expectations. Quickly analyze which direction the team is heading with a quick logarithmic trend analysis. Easily compare an agent's daily performance to the whole team to get a better picture of how he/she is doing compared to the average.

Notification System

Are your agent's deviating from their script? How do you know if he or she has failed a call based on the guidelines you've set for them to follow? With our fully integrated notification system, you’ll be alerted in real-time when these critical actions occur. Integrate our Notification system into your standard operating procedures and see real results real fast. Ensure agents review their notifications before they start their day so you can guarantee that they are being properly coached.

Agent Ranking

Knowing where your agents rank in comparison to one another allows you to gauge agent performance and identify averages and outliers within your call center. Quickly find the agents that need the most help and coaching with a list that shows the top and bottom performers.

Top Missed Points

Identifying your agents most frequently missed points generates instant opportunities for coaching and performance feedback. By understanding what the agents are missing as a group allows for a more robust group coaching session that is sure to change agent behaviors. Track these changes over time to see that you're coaching is effective!

Transcribe and PCI Redaction

Use technology to find the calls where certain words or phrases are said (or not said). After we identify the calls where there are flags, queue them up for a human review. This allows us to select the calls most likely to have problems. Furthermore, we have the ability to remove sensitive information before our human analysts have a chance to review to ensure any personal information is redacted and protected.

Why 3rd Party QA?

From call monitoring using dependable human beings to fully integrated web compliance capabilities, our 3rd party QA services provide an unbiased, comprehensive approach to ensure compliance and help maximize customer experience and ROI. Call Criteria delivers highly efficient and scalable third-party call center quality assurance services which allows for quick and easy analysis of your call center as a whole, or at the agent level. With an excess of 13 million review minutes logged in just a few short years, we understand that attention to detail is paramount.

3rd party QA offers a variety of benefits not found in internal QA programs:
With an outsourced QA call center like Call Criteria, you can avoid conflicts of interest which often undermine internal QA programs. This allows for honest analysis and ensures accuracy when monitoring agent performance.
Third party QA call centers offer an extremely cost effective approach to compliance assurance. Outsourcing your QA program allows you to reallocate resources and personnel towards more actionable areas such as coaching / training your agents and refining internal processes aimed at improving customer to agent interactions.
By utilizing Call Criteria as your 3rd party QA provider, you will be putting your QA in the hands of trusted professionals whose sole purpose is to help you improve your agents’ performance through identifying the weakest links within your call centers.
minutes reviewed, and counting...
Naomi Barbeau EVP, Call Center at Digital Media Solutions

I have worked with Call Criteria for 3+ years. We have built multiple campaigns and call monitoring strategies. There are other solutions for call monitoring out there but the one attribute that Call Criteria brings to the table that is by far the most valuable is people. The people that work for this company are deeply invested from the top down. That said, each solution I have operationalized with them has been customized to the very specific needs of my business. At no point have I heard the words “we can’t.” These guys are the real deal.

Frank Ponce Marketing Manager
Inside Up

We discovered Call Criteria at an essential point of scaling our QA process. They have created a well-designed infrastructure which allows for flexibility of constantly changing calling parameters to meet our client’s needs. The interface provides intelligence and insights about agents which are not easily aggregated through standard in-house QA processes. It allows us to identify areas of improvement for each agent and acknowledge each of their strengths. Simply put, without Call Criteria we would still be in the dark ages of call center quality assurance.

Danny Trejo Allstate

Call Criteria has opened up a whole new world of measurement for our staff. Their team has been personable, flexible, and focused on improving our bottom line in a way that has made us feel valued as a top priority. We look forward to continuing to work with them on new innovations that can improve both customer and employee satisfaction!

Why should I choose Call Criteria over other 3rd party QA providers? While there are other 3 rd party QA providers to choose from, Call Criteria is the only provider who uses human analysts to score 100% of the calls you send us. We understand the limits of technology and our response is resounding: don’t send a robot to do a man’s (or woman’s) job!
I’m worried about sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. How can I be sure this won’t happen if I’m using a third party provider like Call Criteria? With state of the art PCI compliant redaction software, we can identify and remove sensitive information before our human analysts have the opportunity to listen and score your calls.
How do I know I’m making the right investment by using your service(s)? At Call Criteria, quality is always at the center of our commitment to your company and its reputation. Don’t believe us? We’re happy to offer 1000 minutes of call time review for free to show you how you can empower your contact center with a dedicated quality assurance team like Call Criteria.
The Team
Call Criteria’s outstanding cast of team member’s are relentless in their pursuit of perfection. They realize that quality means everything to their customers, and their customers mean everything to them. You can count on their motivated team of professionals to work tirelessly for you, and with decades of combined experience in the customer service and call quality industries, you can confidently know they have the capacity and wherewithal to do just that.
Ryan Stomel CEO
Chad Tatton VP of Operations
Stace Moss VP of Technology
Brian Mercer VP of Client Services
Andrew Loewith Account Manager
Neil Shore Account Manager
Jacquie Ramirez Operations Manager
Sol Sumpo Training Manager
Bryan Fontanilla Team Lead
Carol Dauden Team Lead
Ed Perey Team Lead
Christine Smith Team Lead
Alex Mikhalitsyn Front-End Developer
Myron Mavko Product Manager
Oleksiy Draganchuk Back-End Developer
Vanessa Gabay Team Lead
Reymon Reyes Web Developer
Abbie Loewith Office Dog
We mean business.

Call Criteria is committed to providing call centers of all shapes and sizes with the essential tools they need to thrive and survive in a world riddled with compliance violations and stagnant agent performance. So if you’re as serious as we are about providing the highest quality customer experience possible, take the next step today and schedule a no-obligation demo to find out how Call Criteria can help guide your organization’s call center performance out of the shadows, and into the limelight of compliance and customer satisfaction. We're so confident that you'll love our service that we'll evaluate 1,000 minutes for free!

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